Ramadhan Fiesta Products

SALAAM CARD (Postcard / Greeting card) comes with 8 different beautiful designs :)
Measurement: 7in x 3in
Retail price: RM12.00 per pack

RF COOL BADGES (55mm) – with 6 BOLD, “self-statement” designs per pack.
Retail price: RM15.00 per pack

RAMADHAN FIESTA POWER MAGNET (77mm)- It will serve your fridge door as the coolest reminder and awesomesauce deco art :)
Retail price: RM4.00 per piece

GIFT2GIVE (A pack of 10 sadaqah envelopes, with 8 designs to choose from). Each sadaqah envelope has a hadith printed on to serve as a reminder to those who give sadaqah to the receivers, and to the receivers to be thankful.
Retail price: RM2.00 per pack

TAZKEERAH CARDS (A pack of 8 black and white typographical designs with meaningful messages from selected hadiths)
Measurement: 6in x 2in
Retail price: RM8.00 per pack

Retail price: RM6.00 per pack

RF COMBO PACK consists of:
  • 1) Salaam Cards (8 in a pack)
  • 2) Gift2Give (10 in a pack, 8 designs to choose from)
  • 3) RF Cool Badges (6 in a pack)
  • 4) RF Power Magnet
  • 5) RF Tazkeerah Cards (8 in a pack)
  • 6) Ramadhan & Syawal Bookmarks (12 pieces)
Retail price: RM30.00 per combo pack
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